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just days away from the fiscal cliff right now. can lawmaker reach a last- minute deal in time? a live report from capitol hill coming up. >> plus, a u.s. general way memorable military career has passed away. a look at the life and legacy of desert storm commander norman schwarzkopf. >> a redskins-cowboys preview with dave ross a little bit later. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now.
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>> you can see how clear it is. clearly. friday, december 28th. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. h simmons. >> let's talk to tucker barnes about the weather. >> we are looking fine. it is chilly out there. kind of seasonbury chilly. temperatures back in the low to mid-30s and we'll be in for a decent day. about maybe 40, 42 today, partial sunshine. so friday looks good. tomorrow, things get a little more interesting as we've got this winter event on the way. not a huge event but it is an event. >> it is an event but not quite an event. >> okay. i'm just excited about it. >> you are allowed to be excite about it. we don't want to scare people. >> i know. i won't. >> 33 this morning at dulles
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and bwi. it doesn't take much, you know. there is a look at the satellite-radar. this is the makings of our next storm system. it is going to be a quick mover so it will get started here by day break tomorrow. it will be out here by tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at the potential for a couple of inches of snow. that will be about it. and the heaviest amounts will be north and west of the city where it stays all snow. there is some indications, still some question marks about where the rain-snow line sets up early tomorrow morning. let's worry about our friday. you are just fine. if you are going to work, your afternoon and morning commute are fine. highs in the low 40s. nice day today. >> thank you. time now to check in with jeff newman. >> good morning. we'll start in virginia as i mentioned. a light commute but the accident just north of the occoquan has thinged backed up to dale city. it is not impossible. it is not stop and go. just running a bit under speed. here is your look as you are passing 123 on the way up to
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the accident scene which is just after the occoquan. once past this juncture, it has moved over to the left shoulder there in the main lanes. your hov lanes are running at speed. once past this and through springfield off to the lanes of 395, no problems to report. around theener loop, springfield passing tyson's over to the legion bridge. -- around the inner loop, springfield passing tyson's over to the legion bridge. no problems to report as you are heading down from baltimore passing columbia and laurel to the spli at the beltway. not exactly a clear camera. i ap see with the headlights that the volume is a lot less than it would be at 6:00 on a weekday. -- and laurel to the split at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this morning's big story is the fiscal cliff. with the clock ticking, president obama is inviting top lawmakers to the white house today. >> he will meet with both
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republican and democratic leaders to try to find an agreement on avoiding this fiscal cliff. sherry ly is live at the white house this morning with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the tone here in washington hasn't really changed much since before christmas. now, with days to go before going over that so-called fiscal cliff, the president is hoping today's 3:00 meeting here at the white house with democratic and republican leaders will help avoid this standoff. both sides continue to play the blame game though. senate majority leader harry reid attacked house speaker john boehner for blocking a vote on a potential deal while the gop led house isn't due back until sunday, just one day before the deadline to avoid the automatic tax increases in spending cuts that could send the nation into recession. the differences between the two sides remain intact. democrats want to raise taxes on everyone earning more than $250,000 a year although the president has offered to up that to $400,000 in
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negotiations with boehner. republicans have rejected any new taxes even those the house speaker proposed on people earning morning a million dollars. instead, gop wants deeper spending cuts to address the nation's deficit and with the clock ticking, neither side is giving up ground. >> the american people i don't think understand the house of representatives is operating without the house of representatives. it is being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker. >> this is a conversation we should have had months ago and republicans aren't about to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> reporter: the president has called on lawmakers to pass a scaled-down legislation that would spare tax increases on the middle class and leave more sweeping spending cuts and tax
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hikes to next year. house majority leader eric canter says the house could be in session all the way up until january 2nd dealing with this issue. that is the day before the new congress is sworn in. now, today's meeting here at the white house is the first face to face meeting between the president and gop leaders since december 16th. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has indicated that he is eager to hear from the president who is hoping to be able to jump start the negotiations. that is the latest here at the white house. back to you. >> thank you. we want to know your thoughts on all of. this what do you think about congress not reaching a deal so far on the fiscal cliff? share your comments on our facebook page. just search for fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. we may share your comments on air. also in the news today, remembering an american hero. desert storm commander norman schwarzkopf has died. the retired general died
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yesterday from come indications of pneumonia. he was given the nickname stormin' norman. >> president george h. w. bush from his hospital bed described him as quote be a good and decent man. the elder bush is still in intensive care in houston but his long time chief of staff says put the harps back in the closet. she says the former president is expected to be in the hospital identify long time but is getting the best care. and his family is still optimistic the 88-year-old will make a full recovery. president vladimir putin just signed a bill banning americans from adopting russian children. it is in retaalation united nations for a new law passed by congress that punishes officials for human rights abuses. still ahead, redskins mania here at fox 5. >> dave ross is here all morning long with a preview of
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the sunday match-up. in the 7:00 hour, some trash talking with our counterparts at the fox station in dallas. at 9:15, some of the redskins cheerleaders will join us live in studio. it is redskins all day here on fox 5. we'll be right pack. -- we'll be right back. %uñó
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the united states is ordering all embassy staff in the country of the central african retubal to leave and last night, a u.s. air force cargo plane evacuated the american ambassador and about 40 other american citizens. it is because rebels have taken over more towns near the capital this week. da vip which i equine emergency transport based in poolesville, maryland is helping a group of miniature horses make their way to
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newtown, connecticut. the therapy horses typically visit sick, at risk or abused children. davinci volunteered to transport the and medicals so they can provide comfort and distraction for the victims of the sandy hook school shooting. a celebration at the national cathedral today honoring the nation's 28th president. >> plus, all 50 states have an official flower and bird but what about a state sandwich. maryland wants to add that to the list. can you guess what kind of sandwich it would be? >> maybe some crab mixed in there. >> could be. we've got the answer coming up after the break. 
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welcome back. you got over here just in time. of a been very busy. >> i've been waiting patiently over here for 15 minutes to tell everybody what is going to be happening. >> what is going to be happening? >> it will be beautiful today. >> are you all adjusted now? >> i'm ready to go. >> all right. >> it will be a partly sunny
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day but less windy, low 40s. it will be kind after typical late december day today. >> okay. >> is what that you want to know about? >> i want to know about tomorrow. >> that's it, wisdom. thank you for playing along. couldn't get sarah to play along. >> other things to do. >> 32 seems to be the winning number. 32 in gaithersburg, frederick, hagerstown and winchester. low 40s today. maybe 40, 42 here in town. partial sunshine, less windy than yesterday. all in all, a good looking friday. all fridays are good looking but this one we'll be just fine. not going be for a perfectly sunny day. we have a lot of clouds out to the west so just some sun for your day today. makings of our next storm system right here down to the south pushing into tennessee now. this storm system will be a quick mover. we are looking at several hours of winter weather early
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tomorrow morning probably just in time for sunrise, maybe 7:00 tomorrow morning. it will be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. it looks like parts of the area, particularly washington north and west will stay primarily as snow tomorrow. we could be looking at a couple of inches of snow tomorrow during the day. right now, the national weather service has put out a winter weather advisory for the northern tier of maryland, eastern portions of -- well, it looks like more than eastern portions. much of west virginia as well. this is where you are most likely to hit the criteria of a couple of inches of snow. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., want to point out a couple of features here. notice that the snow-rain line a little further south this time. we are pushing down into calvert county, down towards southern maryland. you too might get even a little bit of accumulating snow tomorrow. by 11:00 that, rain-snow line
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working up to the district. it will be a quick mover but the potential is out there for a couple of inches of snow. maybe one or two inside the beltway as you get farther north and west, you might get three or four as you get up to the pennsylvania border tomorrow. nice timing on the storm. 42 today, partly sunny. becoming cloudy with light snow developing late. if you have evening plans tonight, you will be just fine. these snowflakes will arrive tomorrow morning, early tomorrow morning and there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. cold for the game sunday night. and if you are going out monday night for new year's eve celebrations, it should be dry but it will be cold as well with overnight lows in the 20s. let's do traffic with jeff newman with the latest on the friday commute. >> good morning, tucker. we are looking at 95. it does say south there but you are looking at the northbound lanes which are hov lanes toward the center of your screen. slow from dale city up to the accident point which has moved
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over to the left side of the roadway. moving at a much better pace right now. no problems to report on 395 through alexandria and arlington over to the 14th street bridge. and from centerville, a bit of volume but i wouldn't call it congestion. inside the beltway, 66 moving at speed through falls church and arlington. we'll head over to the other side of the beltway coming in from anne arundel county, route 50. light volume to and through prince george's county on to the lanes of new york avenue. we have no problems in montgomery county on the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. today is the 156th birthday of the late former president woodrow wilson and to celebrate, the national cathedral is holding a wreath- laying ceremony. wilson served from 1913 to 1921
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and is from augusta county in virginia. could deciding on the official state sandwiching on the plate of maryland lawmakers. a new bill would make soft shell crab the official state sandwich. in 2008, the smith island cake was named as the official maryland dessert. >> that sandwich looks good even at 6:21 in the morning. >> i know. i could take two of them. a look at just how desperate wall street is for a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. >> a special tribute to the late dick clark on the new year's eve ball that will ring in 2013. the ball is inscribed with his name. he had hosted the annual times square new year's eve broadcast for the past four decades until 2011. 
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wall street is sengd a message to lawmakers. stop playing around and start dealing. dennis neal has more. let's start off talking about the mark the and how the fiscal cliff talk keeps affecting the market. >> that is the tail wagging the dog, wisdom. yesterday, in a sign of just how wobbly everything is, the dow was down 150 points. it fell below the key 13,000 level and then, in the last hour of trading, it rebounded almost all the way back up. in fact, did go back up and ended up down 20 points or so on the mere report that the house republicans have scheduled a session late sunday to vote on something. then came word that the white house has a meeting set for this afternoon with all the major players. so stocks could gyrate wildly. futures are down. with the slightest little glimmer of hope, you could see stocks rocket back up again.
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traders want to see a deal. they have been betting all along what happened. they are scared that it won't. >> about 30 seconds left here. tell me about this must see tv list that is just out. >> there is a web site that tracks illegal pirated downloads. if you look at the top downloads of 2012, it end up h bo's game of thrones is the most downloaded show at 4.3 million. >> pretty impressive. thank you very much. happy try. good to see you. it could be a make or break day for fiscal cliff negotiations. still ahead, what is happening in just hours that could produce a last-minute deal. the countdown is also on on sunday's big game. the redskins and cowboys, so much on the line for both teams. dave ross is here with a closer look at the rivalry and match- up. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. the northeast starting to dig out after a massive winter storm dumped up to two feet of snow across upstate new york and northern new england. heavy rain and strong winds pounded coastal areas already devastated by superstorm sandy. the storm system is now blamed for at least 16 deaths nationwide. here in our area, maryland is reporting a death of a man in frederick county due to hypothermia. this has been a mess. >> been a busy week. >> so we've done round one and round two. are you ready for wound round three? >> bring it on. >> not going to be a major event but we do have snow back in the forecast for the day saturday. >> that was kind of a letdown there. >> there we go. >> a little late. >> a little delayed reaction. >> we're kind of over it now. >> early in the morning around day break, we'll get some snow
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in the area. should be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. we'll have more on tomorrow's event coming up. let's worry about today first. we are fine. a little cool out there. 36 right now at reagan national. 33 at dulles and bwi marshall. your friday looks fine. partly sunny conditions. filtered sunshine. you can see we have a left clouds out to the west and those will be moving in from time to time today. it won't be a beautiful day. there should be a little bit of sunshine. less windy than yesterday. the makings of our storm. you can see the rain showers down into western tennessee. that is the origins of our next storm system moving in later tonight. a decent amount of sunshine. more sunshine than yesterday. low 40s. >> okay. thank you. traffic time with jeff newman. newman. good morning. we'll start over at the wilson bridge traveling at speed in both directions. lighter volume than normal. we are expecting that for the
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remainder of this morning's rush hour. we'll head down to 95 where the early he accident north of the occoquan had things pretty slow for about a half hour, 45 minutes now as you are traveling north from stafford county. both your hov lanes and the main lanes are moving at speed. on the approach to the 14th street bridge, we have no problems to report as you are traveling through arlington and passing the pentagon. again, lighter volume on to the southeast-southwest freeway and 14th street and things are looking good in maryland. problem-free as you are heading down 270 from gaithersburg to the split at the beltway. no problems on the beltway itself. prince george's county, you are looking good on route 4, route 50, beltway and route 50. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. our other big story now is the fiscal cliff talks. later on today, president barack obama will sit down with top leaders from the house and senate at the white house. he is trying to find an agreement to avoid automatic spending cuts called for in the so-called sequester. and the bush tax cuts are also
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expiring. they have to agree on raising the debt ceiling as the government's borrowing limit will be reached next week. house speaker john boehner is calling the house into session sunday night. we are getting great comments this morning from you who have logged on it our facebook fan page. karl rose russell writes, if i don't do 199job, i would get fired. the same should be for them. thank you for sharing your sentiments on this. share your thoughts with us on facebook if you will. search for fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. number 5. wisdom. >> that music takes me back to my childhood. it was that nfl films music. it was an era.
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i won't say which era. speaking of going back. we'll go back to turkey day. that is what you overeight and that is why i got you that shake weight for christmas. >> can we talk about that some more? >> if you go back to thanksgiving day and you remember this, beating that shake weight into the ground, this is robinson and what a day it was for rg iii and company. think about this. he was 19 and 27, 304 yards think through for four touchdown passes and only one incidenter accepting. his quarterback rating on this fine thanksgiving day, 131.8. now, the other guy on the other side, tony romo, was pretty good as well as you might recall. he threw for 441 yards. he threw it 62 times. three touchdowns. bryant will be a touch match an up. the bottom line, it has all the makings of yet another shootout.
6:35 am
you just don't know how good the defenses can be. when you talk about the numbers and weapons that we discussed and the guys talked about this huge game coming up on sunday. juror i told the guys, don't play this up so big that you can't see that you got to make sure you approach it the same exact way you have the past six weeks and know that it is for all the marbles, whatever you want to say but don't go out and may scared. you have to play like you have nothing to lose. >> football is an emotional game. you are at home. you are playing for everything. but if you lose it, you can lose control of the game really fast. pep alts and turnovers are things that come as a result of a lack of focus. -- penalties and turn overs. >> you have to be controlled but you need to play with an edge. when the clock strikes zero, you are going to the playoffs or going home for the long off soap. >> can you play with that edge and not yet lose your cool if
6:36 am
you will in this emotional cool. >> people worry about you on the show. >> i'm good until you show up. then it's just like i start hulking up and i try to bring it down. sarah calms me down. >> do you have an official prediction as we toss it over to sarah. >> the team that scores the most points is going to win. >> here you go again. >> if they shut down the other team and keep them from scoring. >> that is the key to the game. zoar more points. >> these are the type of insights we get on a dailiery bases off the wall with wisdom martin. >> i went to four years of college for that. >> it is breaking news that you guys are coming up with. it sure has been a blockbusterrier at the box office. kevin mccarthy says 2012 has been the best year for movies since 1994. that's been a while. we already know this is kevin's favorite movie of the year. but can you guess his other
6:37 am
pick? he will run down a few that didn't make the cut too. we'll talk more about that too when we come back. 
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back now with a look at this year's best and worst movies. joining us now is kevin mccarthy from 106.7 the fan. >> can we create what we did earlier? >> it was a good one. >> it was a really good clap to it. >> kevin has gone hollywood on us. he is a superstar now. >> no. >> let's talk about how big of a year in the movies this was. this is the biggest you said since 1994. >> personally because there has been a consistency. in '94, shaw shank redemption, forrest gump, pulp fiction. those were up for best picture. look at the categories of animation, 21 jump street was hilarious. action, the raid. superhero movies, avehiclers, dark knight rises.
6:41 am
it was nowhere near the dark knight. i thought the avengers was a better movie than the dark knight rises. it haa great year for films. december alone had some of the best film. s to come out in 2012. >> let's he talk about some of the bad ones that didn't make your cut. let's go with some of those first. >> starting off is the five- year engagement. what a horrible movie. look how bored they look on the poster. that was me in the movie theater. that is me in the movie theater. i told them not to use my picture. i didn't care about these pictures. it was unnecessarily depressing. i don't understand how this movie was even made. i found it to be boring. i didn't care about what happened to the caches at the end. that is my number three worst movie of the year. >> what is next? >> it is only the last five minutes of savages. so the first two hours and four minutes, teasent film. decent film.
6:42 am
very well down by oliver stone. he ruins the entire film with the worst ending i have ever seen. it ends first at the two hour and four minute mark and re- ends again. i don't understand what he was possibly thinking. a horrific ending ruins the entire film. >> and your number one worst of the year. >> cosmopolis. now, this movie, this is robert pattinson. david cronenberg, it's film that is so atrocious, it is vomit inducing. you hated this film. it is about a guy driving in new york city to get a hair cut. that is the entire fill. and he runs across a bunch of caches. he is a billionaire. -- and he runs across a bunch of of characters.
6:43 am
i was bored out of my mind. i gave it a negative one. >> maybe robert was going through some things with his personal life. >> i'll give him a pass on that. don't watch the movie. >> let's talk about some of the best ones of the year. >> top five the year. i have a full list on this is five to one, number five being argo. argue toe to me is the perfect film overall. -- argo to me is the perfect film overall. even if you know the ending, director ben affleck was so brilliant with the story telling that he can make you guess what is going to happen. that airport scene at the end, have you seen argo? >> no, i haven't. >> that scene was smooth as silk in real life according to real life cia agent tony mendez. but ben affleck added in the fictional hollywood elements but it blended so well and it was so engaging, i mean ben affleck fork saw gone, baby gone, that is the best thing he hfer directed. this is such a perfect fill name story environment.
6:44 am
i love the story and through the power of cinema, we can learn about these amazing stories. i knew nothing about this story. >> number four? >> this is zero dark thirty. i can't officially review this film until january 11th. this and argo will be nominated for best picture and best director. director. this is about the search for osama bin laden. it is such an emotionally gripping film but the key here is the performance from jessica chastain. a lot of controversy right now. senator john mccain came out and said the torture scenes are grossly inaccurate. see the movie for yourself. it is just a movie but it is apparently based on firsthand accounts. that is my number four of the year. >> i see moonrise kingdom.
6:45 am
if you haven't seen rushmore or bottle rockets, i love this film. it is beautifully shot. it has a build where you can appreciate the film making. >> and number two. >> i'm getting a lot of hate for this one. >> cabin in the woods? >> it is a game changer. it is funny. jaw dropping hilarious at times. very violent. it appears to be a normal movie about teenages are going to a cabin in the woods. once the last 0 minutes hits, your jaw will drop. it is one of the few films that i wish i could rewatch and have a video camera on my face just to see my jaw hit the floor. my number two of the year, cabin in the roads number one. >> yes, shocker. it is django unchained. best movie tarantino has done since pulp fiction. the most romantic film he has written since true romance. underneath all of the horrific
6:46 am
violence and profanity is this amazing love story between jamie foxx and carrie washington. >> i can see that. >> spike lee came out and he is saying he is not going to see it and he is speaking so negatively about it. give the movie a chance. do the right thing, spike lee. see the movie before you judge it. it is my number one movie of the year. i've seen it twice. i'm seeing it again this weekend. >> you said the most overrates as dark night rises. >> i like it. i just think it was nowhere near the dark knight but i love the avengers. >> go to i sing with hugh jackman. >> next time, you need to say hi to carrie washington. >> i love her. she is gorgeous. i was like stuttering sitting
6:47 am
across from her. >> lauren, i love you but she is gorgeous. >> got our work cut out for us. >> yeah. >> all right. haven't seen any of those yet. let's get right to the weather. we have a decent friday shaping up. it is cold out there at the moment. 36 in town. low 30s for much of the region. even some 20s breaking out. fredericksburg, 28 degrees for you. 27 in culpeper. highs today, low 40s, maybe 42 for a daytime high. less windy than yesterday and this should be some sunshine today. it won't be a beautiful day but a little more sunshine than maybe yesterday. there is your satellite-radar. nice and quiet at the moment. you can see we have cloud cover moving in from the west. here is the makings of our next system. already in the last couple of hours, starting to blossom here. it will be a little wave of low pressure that will be up and across the mid-atlantic late tonight and early tomorrow morning. i think the snow will arrive by
6:48 am
day break tomorrow. it will be a quick mover. the snow should start maybe 7:00 tomorrow morning and be out of here by 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. just like monday, we'll have to watch carefully where the rain- snow line sets up. here is your winter weather advisory. northern tier of maryland in west virginia. the weather service indicating they will likely include some more counties this this but they want to play it safe, being 4 hours out. winter weather advisory for the northern counties of maryland. you can see maybe 3 or 4 inches. that would be most we would see across northern maryland, southern pennsylvania. there we are at 8:00 p.m. futurecast not loving the storm and looked like rain breaking out to the south an east. kind of put it in motion. at 11:00, we are once againsonning that rain-snow line up across the region. and by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, it is out of here. by 3:00, things are winding down. won't be a major event. probably enough snow that we'll have light accumulations even
6:49 am
here in town. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. we'll keep an eye on that storm. we have 24 hours to go. we have to fine tune where the rain-snow line will set up. sunday look good but cold particularly at night if you are going to the redskins game, tony. monday and tuesday, things should be nice and dry but cold again for the new year's eve celebrations monday night at midnight. probably around freezing. >> those are some winter temperatures and weather. >> it is about time. about tim >> good morning. it is now time for ask tony and tucker. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions. today's question comes from robby melton. he write we have been experiencing a lot of fog recently. when we drive through the fog, are we essentially driving through a cloud or does have a cloud have a different composition than fog. >> excellent question. >> i like to get back to the
6:50 am
roots and do a weather question. >> what >> what -- what have you got for us. >> when you are driving through fog, you are driving through a cloud much like the ones you might fly through in a plane. when you fly through clouds, you might see the same thing as we when we have a foggy day around here. here is what is interesting. this is different criteria for fog versus mist. when the visibility is a half mile or less, that is when you have fog. when it is more than a half mile, between a half mile and a mile, it is considered mist. >> it doesn't have to do with
6:51 am
the size of the water droplets in the air? >> it will control how far you can see. >> so same thing. >> you yarks basically the same thing. in the wintertime around here, before a tendency to get fog when we get warmer air moving into cold surface temperatures that. warmer air is holding more moisture but the cold air can't hold it so fog develops. a couple of different times this week, we had fog develop as we had warm fronts hanging autopsy and across the area. there are lots of kinds of fog. all sorts of different kind of fog. radiational fog. south in california in the valley, they get tule fog. there is frozen fog. >> you know what that is? >> that is kind of like freezing rain in that it is -- if the surface areas are cold enough that the fog, because it is moisture essentially, will
6:52 am
freeze on contact. so you get like thin layer of ice under your car. >> so it just appears. not like something that is. coming down like freezing rain. >> it can cause your sidewalk to ice up. we get that occasionally around here. all kind of fog. >> now, radiational fog. >> what happened is cooling at night, the temperatures because all the heat escapes into the atmosphere, the temperatures at the surface will cool to a place where they can't hold any more of that moisture so we'll get a cloud deck that will form just right at the surface. sometimes, if you play soccer or football, you willhood out to a football field early in the morning, you can he soo the fog right at the surface. here is one cool little fact. much of life depends on fog. redwood trees are highly dependent on california fog, on the fog along the western coast. they derive almost 50% of their
6:53 am
moisture from the fog. so they are highly dependent on fog and there is some concern that if there is climate change, that kind of thing, the fog patterns might change and the redwoods could be threatened. >> i learned so much from you this morning. >> do they get it -- what is the word i'm looking for, if they take in the fog through the bark? >> and through the needles. they are so massive in size, they can pull in a lot of moisture. >> that is fascinating, tucker. >> i learn a lot. >> i did too. >> thank you, sir. thank you, robby. >> excuse me. >> thank you, robby for the question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. there you go. >> no fog we're dealing with outside right now. let's check in with jeff newman to get the latest. >> you left out london fog. i'm working on an endorsement deal for a rain coat.
6:54 am
>> about 1987, jeff? >> how about the velvet fog, mel torme. only tony would remember who he is. you are looking at a stalled tractor-trailer up on the right shoulder that is right by georgia avenue. slowdowns by connecticut but not much volume. outer loop has more volume as you head around from college park passing university. manageable volume now as you head towards oakton and the beltway. here is your look as you are heading past duke street with the hov lanes in the center of your screen with very light volume today and we'll head over to prince george's county. some volume over there heading past 201. no accidents or since the, route 5, route 4 and the bw parkway as you head north of powder mill and out towards the airport. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ime traffic. >> thank you. ski season is now in full swing.
6:55 am
one popular place in virginia. the resort opens two of its slopes this week and is expecting to open more this weekend. it is about a two to two and a half hour drive from here. another popular option for skiers, white tail resort in pennsylvania. >> today is opening day with four beginner trails and four lifts. white fail -- tail is just over the moreland lain northwest of hagerstown. get out this this weekend. -- is just over the maryland line northwest of hagerstown. we'll be right back. 
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♪ i just came to say hello ♪ time to say good morning to today's fan of the day. deborah williams lewis. she has been wanting to picked so long waving, doing the cabbage patch. it's an 80 dance. i hope she hasn't been doing it since the 80s. she starts the day every day
6:59 am
with us. for your chance to be tomorrow -- not tomorrow, tomorrow is saturday, but monday's fan of the day, leave a common under her picture and like our page as well and maybe you can do 80s dances and maybe you can get to the top of the list as well. let's send it over to tony arah happy friday. >> how does that cabbage patch go now? >> you thought i was going to do it, didn't you? >> no way he's going to do it. coming up on fox 5 morning news, saying goodbye to storming norman. how the nation remembers the general who led the nation to victory in the first gulf war. plus-- >> reporter: on the edge of the fiscal cliff. the president summons democratic and gop leaders to the white house hoping to jump start negotiations. we'll have the latest coming up. >> later, bring on
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